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Project Overview

Project Overview


         The last former Japanese soldier among about 1000 soldiers who chose to stay and help Indonesia's independence after Japan lost in World War II, Mr. Ono Sakari (Mr. Rahmat Ono Sakari) died on August 25, 2014.

         Among about 1000 Former Japanese Soldiers including Mr. Ono, 534 people died or went missing in a war situation, 324 people chose to stay in Indonesia by becoming Indonesian citizens, while 45 others left Indonesia and returned to Japan. The life journey of the former Japanese soldiers who remained in Indonesia was not smooth where in the eyes of the Japanese they were considered as soldiers who had run away, while in the eyes of Indonesia they were stateless people. Then the Yayasan Warga Persahabatan (YWP Foundation) was established in 1979, began to coordinate and provide support and assistance to them. However, the existence of the foundation was only publicly recognized 50 years after independence in 1995. It has now been 6 years since Mr. Ono, began to reduce activities to pass down the history of the Japanese soldiers who contributed to Indonesia's independence 75 years ago and became the forerunner of Indonesia-Japan friendship.


     Indonesia commemorates its 76th independence in 2021. The ceremony is held every August 17 and the whole community participates in celebrating Indonesia's independence with various events throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. However, it is undeniable that the role of former Japanese soldiers in the Indonesian independence process began to fade in the minds of both Indonesians and Japanese.

      The current Indonesia-Japan relations cannot be separated from the fact that former Japanese soldiers were involved in the independence process and their role in the development of economic and friendly relations between Japan and Indonesia.

     Even in the era of globalization, the "attitude" of wanting to learn from the history of Indonesia-Japan is still a universal and absolute factor in efforts to maintain friendly and peaceful relations for Indonesians, Japanese and Japanese descendants, including the descendants of former Japanese soldiers involved in Indonesia-Japan relations.

     It is the responsibility of those of us who are involved in Indonesia-Japan relations from various aspects to participate in providing support by passing down the history of the Former Japanese Soldiers and their families and grandchildren in the development of relations between the two countries which will be handled by the next generation. Related to this, as one of the efforts, we decided to perpetuate the history of the Former Japanese Soldiers and their descendants.

Basic Principles

      Providing various facilities to maintain its sustainability through documentation of friendly relations between Indonesia and Japan, starting from the history of former Japanese soldiers living in Indonesia and tracing the journey from the past to the present.

Activity Framework

  1. Documenting the life journey of Former Japanese Soldiers and their grandchildren, the activities of the Yayasan Warga Persahabatan  (YWP) and the MIE Educational Institution through the support of various Indonesia-Japan supporters.

  2. Starting from activity 1 above, providing opportunities for Japanese, Japanese descendants and Indonesian people to encourage friendship among each other and to have continuous communication

Project Name

It would be difficult to understand the background if only with the current designation, namely the Yayasan Warga Persahabatan (YWP), then the name was set "The History Gallery of Former Japanese Soldiers"

Concrete Concept


3rd Floor - Education & Friendship
Future Floor

The 3rd floor is used as a place to gather and communicate for the next generation of Former Japanese Soldiers, an education center for Japanese language and culture, a start-up base for Japanese/Japanese descendants.

2nd Floor - Memories
Exhibition Floor

The 2nd floor serves as the exhibition floor by providing documentation about the 50 years history of Former Japanese Soldiers and the activities of the Yayasan Warga Persahabatan (YWP) and the MIE Educational Institution that support it so that it is known to many Japanese and Indonesians. (This section is the core of the Project, don't deviate from it.)

1st Floor - Friendship
Introductory Floor

1st floor for gallery introduction, serves to provide a forum for making friendships for various generations (a place to stay in touch, provide brochures, show videos)

Project Visualization

Project Visualization

1st Floor


Introductory Area