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Pilgrimage Program: Taman Makam Pahlawan Kalibata 17 Oct 2021

On October 17th 2021, we visited Taman Makam Pahlawan in Kalibata for our pilgrimage program. It was our 2nd time doing this with 13 Japanese people that now live in Indonesia. Just like our last September event, we gathered at 2nd floor of YWP office in Tebet, Jakarta Selatan, where the place used as MIE Gakuen students room back then. After we did some introduction for all of us the attendees, Mr. Heru Santoso Eto as Principal Founder of YWP and as the Project Leader, explaining more about the project, including background, meaning, and goals of the project.

Then, we continue by moving to Taman Makam Pahlawan Kalibata for starting our pilgrimage event. We visited some former Japanese soldiers cemetery, including Shichio Eto, Mr. Heru’s father. Former Japanese Soldiers that buried here was 28 people, all because they have been acknowledged for their heroic contribution in the War of Independence of Indonesia back in the past. It is the form of highest honor from Indonesia for them, so they are buried here after their death.

We were a little bit worried about the weather conditions considering that it has entered the rainy season, but nevertheless we are blessed with good weather so we can contemplate the life of all former Japanese soldiers who rests here, while enjoying the wind that blows lightly.

After the pilgrimage finished, we stay in touch while eating Chinese cuisine at a hotel in the center city. The friendly event can be carried out very well while still adhering to the health protocol by keeping a distance even though the situation of the spread of Covid-19 is easing. We spent a great time chatting with the 3rd generation of Japanese former Soldiers.

We will do this pilgrimage program regularly, so that the history of the Former Japanese Soldiers that contributed in Indonesia independence, and worked hard to build the basis of relations between Indonesia and Japan can be widely known and always remembered by many people.

The following are 13 participants who attended the pilgrimage program:

  1. Miyasaka Noriyuki

  2. Mr. Koyama Hideyuki

  3. Mr. Murata Masahiro

  4. Mr. Kanehara Yudai

  5. Mr. Shimodaira Ryosuke

  6. Mr. Samizo Shinsuke

  7. Mr. Usui Masato

  8. Ms. Amano Izumi

  9. Mr. Kasai Shinji

  10. Mr. Sudo Kazuo

  11. Mr. Otaki Hideki

  12. Mr. Yoshioka Takahiro

  13. Mr. Shimizu Kei

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