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Pilgrimage Program Visiting Kalibata Heroes Cemetery, 19 September 2021

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

As a program to support the Establishment Project of History Gallery of Former Japanese Soldiers, on September 19, 2021, a pilgrimage visit to the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery was held for the first time with 9 Japanese participants who currently live in Indonesia. We gathered at the Yayasan Warga Persahabatan (YWP) building on the 2nd floor, located in Tebet, South Jakarta, where previously it was intended for students of MIE Gakuen. After the self-introductions of each participant, Mr. Heru Santoso Eto, as the chairman of the founding body of YWP and also as the head of the Project explained the background, aims and objectives of the Project.

Then we moved to Kalibata Heroes Cemetery for a pilgrimage visit to the graves of several former Japanese soldiers including the late Shichio Eto, Mr. Heru's father. There are 28 former Japanese soldiers buried here. On that day the weather was less than sunny, the clouds were thick, and our worries became real. As soon as we got out of the YWP office, it was raining heavily. We are almost desperate to continue the program on that day. However, thanks to the prayers of all of us, once we arrived at the tomb, the rain stopped, and we were able to complete the pilgrimage as planned (as predicted by Mr. Heru who claims to be the “bearer of good weather”).

We will carry out regular pilgrimage visits so that the history of former Japanese soldiers who fought for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia and who has worked hard to build the basis of relations between Indonesia-Japan can be known and remembered by many people.

The following are 9 participants who attended the pilgrimage program :

  1. Mr. Suzuki Keishi,

  2. Ms. Ito Urara,

  3. Mr. Kunihiro Yasutsugu,

  4. Mr. Kuboyama Yuzo,

  5. Mr. Kobayashi Kazuhiko,

  6. Mr. Tanaka Katsushi,

  7. Mr. Tsuwaki Hideaki,

  8. Mr. Masaoka Masahiko,

  9. Mr. Yoshida Akihiro

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