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Break the Fast, Big Family of Yayasan Warga Persahabatan

During this fasting month, on May 9, 2021, the big family of the Yayasan Warga Persahabatan, held an iftar together which was attended by many members of the families of Japanese descent from each member. The event was held at the Yayasan Warga Persahabatan headquarters in Tebet. Starting between one and two hours before breaking the fast, the time is used for conversation by starting with the introduction of each attendee from each representative of the descendant family.

The main event this time was aimed at building intimacy and closeness with fellow members of Yayasan Warga Persahabatan in the atmosphere of breaking the fast together in this fasting month. However, before the iftar session starts, time can be used to share about the Foundation's current main project, namely the renovation of the current Yayasan Warga Persahabatan building into the Historical Gallery Building of Former Japanese Soldiers. While introducing and approaching fellow members of the foundation, we talked about this project so that all those present at that time know about this project, while also being a means of exchanging ideas for the common good of the Foundation and about this project in the future. A brief presentation of the project starts with an explanation of the background, objectives, descriptions, and an overview of the overall building design.

After spending a lot of time talking for introductions, approaches, and sharing about projects, it's time to break the fast. Then each of us who were present were invited to eat a lot of snacks that had been served, all of which were prepared and brought by the members who were present at the iftar together. The breaking fast together is primarily intended to build closeness and togetherness for each member of Yayasan Warga Persahabatan, which is expected to be better now and in the future. After approximately one hour from the time of breaking the fast, all those present began to say goodbye to each other, to then end the iftar session together and return home from the office of the Yayasan Warga Persahabatan, but of course, don't forget to hold a group photo session first to capture the moments. After that we all went home and continued our respective activities.

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