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Meeting Visitation at the Embassy of Japan-Indonesia

On May 5, 2021, we Yayasan Warga Persahabatan, held a meeting with the Embassy of Japan-Indonesia, especially with the Ambassador of Japan to Indonesia, Mr. Kanasugi Kenji. This meeting was held directly at the office building of the Japanese-Indonesian Embassy. ​​The scheduled time was noon, at 12 noon at that time.

From our side, Yayasan Warga Persahabatan, led by Mr. Heru Santoso Eto, sent 5 members as representatives of the third generation members of Japanese descendants (sansei) of YWP to meet the honorable Mr. Kanasugi Kenji at the Embassy office to attend the meeting. The five members who became representatives of the third generation of Japanese descendants at that time were:

  • Shigeko Desi putri (representative of Tanaka)

  • Miaga Buwana (representative of Tanaka)

  • Aritomo Nakagawa (representative of Nakagawa)

  • Mario Androetti Kuroiwa (representative of Kuroiwa)

  • Rikiyama Fujiyama (representative of Fujiyama)

By still prioritizing health protocols during this covid pandemic, the meeting was held from 12 noon at that time to discuss further developments on the project planning for the History Gallery of Former Japanese Soldiers, Yayasan Warga Persahabatan, which was introduced to the Embassy a little earlier at the office of Yayasan Warga Persahabatan in Tebet. The meeting was opened with greetings from Mr. Kanasugi Kenji, then directed by Mr. Heru Santoso Eto, we from the five members of the Sansei representatives made a presentation and shared about the Historical Gallery project of Former Japanese Soldiers, Yayasan Warga Persahabatan, in front of the honorable Mr. Kanasugi Kenji.

The topic of discussion at this meeting focused mainly on the Japanese Former Soldier History Gallery project and the continuity of Yayasan Warga Persahabatan in the future. Each of us discussed different sides of this main topic. Some of the talking points of this meeting were starting from the opening, then presentation of the big picture design of the History Gallery building project which was carried out using digital visual media on a large monitor screen. Then talk about the importance of building historical archives both physically and digitally to keep up with the modernization of the times, and then talk about the important role of the Yayasan Warga Persahabatan as a community of Japanese descent in Indonesia for now and in the future. This meeting as a whole did not use Japanese or Indonesian, but in full English, both from our side, the Foundation and from the Embassy, ​​Mr. Ambassador Kanasugi Kenji. And during this meeting, some photo documentation was captured by Imai-san from the Embassy who also attended the meeting room.

This meeting lasted quite short and solid, the duration only reached about half an hour, not more than an hour. However, this time is sufficient to share further introduction about this project to the Embassy, ​​especially Mr. Kanasugi Kenji. After this meeting was over, the Ambassador said goodbye and we finished and immediately went home from the Embassy office and continued our own activities.

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